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A girl trapped in a maze that always looping in 1 minute.
The maze contains many puzzles to solved and many places to explore.
However each time the loop ends, the knowledge owned by the girl is also lost.

The only way to escape is to get the help from the Player to get the knowledges from each Loop and combine them to become the key to escape.

> “z" Or Enter for confirm something
> “x“ Or Escape for cancel and for open Menu
> Certain item can be equipped in the Equipment Menu

- Escape game
- 1 minute gameplay per Loop (for each puzzle)
- Multiple completion target for each Loop
- True End is achievable after all Loop is cleared 
- However, True End is achievable even without finish all Loop

> download "EasyRPG Player" from GooglePlay
> extract Loop_v1.1.zip or Loop_InitialRelease.zip to /easyrpg/games/
> run EasyRPG Player and the game is playable on your phone

note that for some reason the BGM is not perfect in EasyRPGPlayer though.

This game is made for Game Jam "One Minute Jam" hosted in itch.io by farsidevirtual #oneminutejam

Version 1.1 is now released with changes below.
Thank you for your kind comments and suggestions.

Updated minor dialogue, especially on demon puzzle which confused many players.
Using Torch effects, now everything is dark except where Reina is.
Updated BGM to be scarier, but don't worry it's not Horror game, just Suspense.

note: InitialRelease refer to v1.0, so please download v1.1 instead for best experience.

You can also support me in Karyakarsa.


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This was insanely good. wth.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much so much and Uber much for streaming your gameplay. I will watch it later on TV 📺 for sure, and once again thanks because I really like to saw how my game is played by others ^^

Edited: already watch, hopes you are not too frustrated ^^, I think deep down I want to recreate legendary video by Pewdiepie playing Trap Adventure 2 and your video is somehow like that, so sorry and thanks at the same time. 

Nah, I like the frustration. ٩(˘◡˘)۶

Very well done!

With all menus and gameplay, graphics, really neat.

It's impressive how smooth it is.

Maybe the only tweak is that the rooms are really big, so due to the short time you have to really run to explore.

Otherwise, congratulations for the great work!

Thank you for playing ^^

Room Nephilim is designed very big room at the first but I cut down the size so that the room is explorable in two loops. So it's my intention for player to at least 2 loops per puzzle. 

Yeah I noticed the intention was to replay the game to solve it, a bit similar to what I did on mine!

This is an absolutely amazing game, definitely my favourite so far from this jam. You're kinda inspiring me to make my own RPG now. 

Can't wait for the continuation, good luck with your future development journeys!

Thank you for your kind comment and I am happy if this can be inspiration. Just a simple sharing that I have 13 years gap between previous game (trial and error but no release), but this 1minute jam is all I need to create one. So, make a simple RPG first for starter.

A nice thrilling game! Had me hooked till the end. Very nice dark fantasy atmosphere, and the loops are really well designed. Really enjoyed the game, nice work!


Thank you for playing, and very inspiring comment too. Good luck for both of us (since our game title is similar ^^)

Good luck too! :)

Nice game! Loved the design and music, it was strangely calming even with a timer pushing you to solve the puzzles. The kitty is a cute addition :)

Thank you for playing, and also your game (A Dark Maze) is my inspiration to put torch effect (darker environment), so once again thanks.

Aw, that's too kind :) Hope to see more games from you!

Nice looping game, the puzzles are fun and just challenging enough without being frustrating, the ambience is nailed and the lore is actually interesting, the ending (Without spoiling anything) was kinda underwhelming but overall a good experience, good job!

Thank you for playing and even have the full walkthrough stream. Sorry if it becomes something hard like Cat Mario but yes, looking your gameplay it is somehow make me remember that.

For how to equip the certain item, I'll put it on the Game page.